Armstrong – Plotinus

Um de seus primeiros e consagrados estudos sobre Plotino: Plotinus

General Introduction


I Life and Writings

II The Philosophical and Religious Background of the Enneads

III The Thought of Plotinus
A Porphyry’s ‘Life’

B On the Three Hypostases

C The One or Good

D Nous
(a) In its Relation to the One
(b) As World of Forms — Intellect

E Soul
(a) In its Relationship to Nous
(b) In its Activity in the Sense-world

F Our Selves
(a) Their Foundation in Nous and Relation to Universal Soul
(b) Higher and Lower Self
(c) Descent into the Visible World

G The Return of the Soul

(a) The First Stages
(b) The Return to Nous
(c) The Ascent to Union with the One